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Giffgaff always ahead

By: fernandoortenzi | 05-07-2019 09:51

Hello, it will be very good for giffgaff to accept some cryptocurrency as payment method, being able to start with Bitcoin that is the most popular at the moment.

This market is very heated and every day is more active, think about it.


by: ungourin
on: 13-08-2019 21:56


by: lynn09073
on: 11-08-2019 13:45

no from me I'm afraidx

by: gina306
on: 09-08-2019 18:17


by: morci89
on: 30-07-2019 22:48

I'm a bit open to kick this payment method. However, I find it very hard to get people used to it. I like a somewhat more sophisticated idea for payment

by: drkarter
on: 29-07-2019 19:21

Maybe one day will happen :)

by: erzse49
on: 23-07-2019 11:21

I like this idea

by: coyot00
on: 22-07-2019 01:32


by: coyot00
on: 22-07-2019 01:32


by: smth2
on: 21-07-2019 07:28

No from me

by: nikmobile
on: 19-07-2019 10:24

not for me this one not getting involved in crypto

by: eluminea
on: 19-07-2019 20:33

Not for me either.

by: adamtheant
on: 21-07-2019 09:11

Same here