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Giffgaff always ahead

By: fernandoortenzi | 05-07-2019 09:51

Hello, it will be very good for giffgaff to accept some cryptocurrency as payment method, being able to start with Bitcoin that is the most popular at the moment.

This market is very heated and every day is more active, think about it.


by: tokyobuta
on: 11-07-2019 23:27

Not a good idea at the present: these pseudo currencies are too volatile. And, anyway, why?

by: chinsndips
on: 10-07-2019 18:57

I really like it but it looks like not yet :(

by: haseebhejazi
on: 03-12-2019 22:57

amazing giffggaf and supported you

by: johndfoster7
on: 04-10-2019 22:14

I like this idea

by: starkey93
on: 29-09-2019 22:49

Yuck no thanks just a fad

by: helen_starkey
on: 29-09-2019 20:43

I don't like this one

by: o__o
on: 01-09-2019 10:54

maybe sometime in the future

by: jason1973tess
on: 31-08-2019 02:36


by: adamtheant
on: 30-08-2019 09:43

nope glad giffgaff decided it's not for them

by: johndfoster7
on: 21-08-2019 21:22

I like the idea