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Daily data updates

By: deboratinsley | 24-06-2019 20:52

In the same way you tell us how we are getting through our SMS and minutes, why not provide a regular update on data usage. The 80% used is great, but maybe a 30% and 50% would keep tabs on usage.



by: dennisbowen
on: 15-07-2019 14:17

good idea

by: yves48
on: 14-07-2019 21:52

I really like this idea, definitely something I would appreci

by: micky6599
on: 14-07-2019 11:23

smashing idea

by: ijustcantdoit
on: 12-07-2019 00:44

Not something i need but if its useful to others ok

by: bullphit
on: 08-07-2019 10:12

smashing idea

by: gvmhb
on: 08-07-2019 08:49

I go for this.

by: pete2009
on: 08-07-2019 07:32

Not something that I would use however others may find it useful

by: mij_sky
on: 08-07-2019 05:27

Maybe weekly

by: dawnc59
on: 07-07-2019 16:09

I think it would be a brilliant idea i use quite alot of data

by: harry_s
on: 06-07-2019 22:02

good idea, helps to keep an eye on your data usage