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Spam filtering through gambling or any other where money is involved

By: 3alo | 24-06-2019 12:46

We should have an options for spam filtering through messages or blocking calls from specific name or number! This option should be available into out account.

Blocking calls and messages from the specific name - NOT NUMBERS



by: tradertall
on: 06-07-2019 11:44

I can already do that on my phone

by: ungourin
on: 05-07-2019 18:56

not giffgaff issue

by: chaaaan
on: 04-07-2019 17:02

I don't think giffgaff will agree

by: mijthebarber
on: 03-07-2019 15:33

Not for me

by: helen_leigh
on: 03-07-2019 11:31

Not supported. Co's can and do change name if they're determined to get through as spam. Most phones have a blocksystem. Don't see why wed want it at giffgaff level?

by: star8413
on: 02-07-2019 19:41

great idea

by: pinkunykorn
on: 30-06-2019 20:45

good idea

by: claire1uk
on: 30-06-2019 20:10

Cant see this happening. Smart phones have ability to deal with SPAM.

by: various_mm
on: 30-06-2019 15:07

from names? caller ID only recognizes numbers not names so how will a system be put in place to block by name?

by: haseebhejazi
on: 30-06-2019 14:49

hmmm good idea.