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Add a “Lab Improvements” category to the Idea submission process

By: adrius42 | 23-06-2019 13:53

when submitting ideas for improving the Labs component of Giff Gaff app/website, there is no clear category.

Also make searching on categoriesa clear option.

It will make searching for specific Labs ideas far easier.



by: helen_leigh
on: 03-07-2019 11:26

Not sure if this linked to this idea but..

why is it when I think I'm logged in and try to comment on an idea it then asks me to log in again?

Also..why is it that when I've commented on an idea I seem to have to go back to community tab to get back in to ideas. Is this how it's designed or just my incompetence?

So I'd support this idea about improving how ideas works.

by: adrius42
on: 12-07-2019 14:03

Sadly the current authentication process does not operate smoothly across the different sites that are behind the scenes Giff Gaff site, Community Site, Labs Site skipping between them often involves re-authenticating. I know the giff gaff team understands that this problem exists, hopefully with the move to a new Community site the problem will get resolved. (But I would not hold my breath!) The real problem is whenever such issues exists, they point to potential vulnerabilities that hackers can and will exploit.

by: tokyobuta
on: 03-07-2019 08:11

Seems OK to bolster forum discussion.

by: star8413
on: 02-07-2019 19:38


by: joshpt
on: 02-07-2019 15:17

I don't support this idea you should post this in discussion forum

by: adamtheant
on: 26-08-2019 12:19


by: frommoon
on: 30-06-2019 18:25

Sounds good. Voting yes.

by: haseebhejazi
on: 30-06-2019 14:44

l like this idea and I gave you vote ????.

by: persco
on: 30-06-2019 02:10

search isn’t great in lab on multi word search and am sure Holly is aware. Hopefully ingleby are working on something to help improve it.

by: starkey93
on: 29-06-2019 19:07

Not. For. Me. Thanks

by: helen_starkey
on: 29-06-2019 18:09

this idea is not for me thanks

by: onthelash
on: 29-06-2019 16:31

we all want it better