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Add a “Lab Improvements” category to the Idea submission process

By: adrius42 | 23-06-2019 13:53

when submitting ideas for improving the Labs component of Giff Gaff app/website, there is no clear category.

Also make searching on categoriesa clear option.

It will make searching for specific Labs ideas far easier.



by: mijthebarber
on: 03-07-2019 15:31

Kind of been said before , labs had got better over time

by: adventure17
on: 20-08-2020 21:25

Good idea

by: rites61
on: 19-08-2020 12:13

good idea

by: ahreh20
on: 26-07-2020 15:01

Great idea

by: gvmhb
on: 17-07-2020 11:24


Labs does certainly need improving.

by: ikkyh56
on: 06-07-2020 17:48

Sound good

by: chinsndips
on: 01-07-2020 12:08

That should be useful.

by: justeena1
on: 25-06-2020 16:00

Fantastic idea

by: zealousbeloved123
on: 13-06-2020 19:32


by: nafis40
on: 10-06-2020 13:00

Wicked idea