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imsi catcher detector

By: lf58236 | 22-06-2019 21:07

hello im thinking we never know what our phones is connecting to it could be a fake cell tower these exsit everywhere and can hack your phones read all messages calls have all your data they must be a way an app to verify we are connecting to a genuine BTS tower not a imsi catcher



by: haseebhejazi
on: 30-06-2019 14:52

lovely idea I like it and thanks for sharing with us

by: muddycalhoun
on: 22-01-2020 14:55

"Lovely" ??? that is an interesting description of IMSI detection software

by: onthelash
on: 30-06-2019 02:48

love the idea but not sure giffgaff coild take this role on

by: persco
on: 30-06-2019 02:36

I don’t think this is a wide or general issue but obviously a problem out there. Would this not be better handled by the phone manufacturers making sure the ‘handshake’ scripts are verified behind the scenes with the network providers before connection.

Think this is an industry wide issue and not giffgaff’s per se.

by: starkey93
on: 29-06-2019 19:10

Not for. Me

by: helen_starkey
on: 29-06-2019 18:12

not for me thank you

by: giffgaff20147
on: 29-06-2019 13:00

hello I see what you mean but if you have no solution then it’s not an idea so sorry can’t vote like

by: davek89
on: 28-06-2019 23:26

I don't know how much of a problem this actually is, but the whole point of a fake cell tower is that it's hard to tell that it's a fake.

If it was easy to know, then the phone software wouldn't connect to a fake.

by: muddycalhoun
on: 22-01-2020 15:04

The IMSI detection apps work by developing a record of the signal from the local cell towers over time and the fake "tower" works because phones connect with the strongest signal which difference is what the software detects. I think that about describes how the one I use works. Obviously it is not very good if you are in an area for the first time ever.

by: mcilwraith
on: 27-06-2019 13:16

once you find the way to do it.perhaps you could ask giffgaff to impliment it