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Realign payback seasons so that the Christmas payout comes in November

By: harrrrrry | 10-04-2019 09:49

Currently payback seasons run from December to May and June to November. Actual payback is paid out in the next following month, so payback is actually paid towards the end of December and January

One of the supposed benefits of having a 6 month season is that accumulating payback allows the member to use the payment for something more significant than they could otherwise achieve with individual monthly payments. However, this breaks down because probably one of their biggest meeds would be to help with the Christmas season. A payment in late December is too late to help much for that.

Consequently I'm suggesting:

  • that for 2019 only, the second payback season be reduced to 5 months, ie June to October, allowing final payout by the end of November
  • for 2020 and subsequent years, payback becomes November to April (with actual payback towards the end of May and November).

In addition to helping members, I suspect this will also help staff and agents, as December and the New Year are probably busy times for them. It will also mean that if circumstances force a delayed payment (as happened in 2018) it will be seen as less of a catastrophy for those that were relying on a payout in time for Christmas.



by: ahreh20
on: 28-07-2020 17:57

Amazing idea

by: shahz87600
on: 30-06-2020 19:49


by: justeena1
on: 26-06-2020 00:54

Great idea

by: cms22
on: 15-06-2020 18:18

great idea!

by: zealousbeloved123
on: 13-06-2020 19:38

Yeh that s fantastic ????

by: jesi23
on: 14-06-2020 01:55

It doesn’t really make sense. People should not be depending on the amount to pay for Christmas; when giffgaff was smaller, sometimes it was possible for ‘early credit’ to be paid out as early as 3 December onto balance of account. This only applied to taking payback as credit balance, which could only be used for PAYG or buying Goodybags.

This was when payback was restricted to five levels: 10p at level 5, up to £30 for top level 1 without ‘enhanced payback’ and before audit levels were as transparent.

Now the payback is all paid out at roughly the same time regardless of choice of method.

Now there are so many ways to be assigned payback, and so many new members that fraud is a higher risk, and people demand greater accountability.

by: nafis40
on: 10-06-2020 13:33

Goood option...

by: hsadi42
on: 02-06-2020 16:36


by: mr09
on: 21-05-2020 13:42


by: snus1
on: 06-05-2020 12:03

Good idea

by: jeff_elephant
on: 30-04-2020 15:24

You get better sales in December and January, so I'd rather receive my giffgaff Payback then