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Accept DASH Crypto Currency as Payment

By: username53707 | 09-04-2019 03:52

In keeping with modern times, Giffgaff must start accepting crypto currencies as payment. Bitcoin is the most well known, but their charge high fees. Dash charges low fees and super easy to understand https://www.dash.org . Crypto currencies are vastly trusted and used by financial institutions and military services. It also helps communities - Venezuela was the country which most used Dash crypto currency in February 2019.

Members will benefit by having an extra option on how to pay for their giffgaff phone services and handsets. Many members already use crypto currencies.

Giffgaff should implement my idea because it is 2019 and because it is important to make the lives of your customers easy, by accepting crypto currency payments - all crypto coins, not just Dash.



by: 1445823
on: 28-05-2019 08:15

I don't see a business need to accept crypto currency. Payments can be made in cash, or cards at the tills of supermarkets for vouchers, or by cards online.

If say,GG did accept payments in an unregulated online financial system, and that system disappeared/failed where would GG get redress for lost monies etc..

by: carolcat
on: 27-05-2019 14:45

Not using it but have no problem if others would like to.

by: nickyheywood
on: 25-05-2019 20:17

not for me sorry

by: timco
on: 25-05-2019 15:57

Why should they what other network or major business accepts this as tender?

by: davek89
on: 24-05-2019 20:33

Maybe use some numbers and evidence to support your wild assertions.

How many people actually use cryptocurrencies? What is the advanatage of cryptocurrency over conventional currencies?

Ultimately GiffGaff is a business which exists to make money, so how does this make GiffGaff more profitable?

by: abiable
on: 24-05-2019 15:51

If you want to be using crypto in your day-to-day I suggest you transfer it from PayPal to your digital wallet. I'm all for utilising new technology but paying in Dash isn't practical right now.

by: stellamobile
on: 22-05-2019 20:41

this crypto is not for me sorry

by: tired16
on: 22-05-2019 14:32

I think it would be excellent if there was more adoption and people could choose how to pay, but given that the value of the cryptocurrencies is so volatile, I don't know how feasible that would be for giffgaff as a business. Neverthless, I've supported! :)

by: o7sagittarius
on: 21-05-2019 20:19

not for me having got a clue about crypto currency and not interested either show me the £

by: peterg92
on: 21-05-2019 18:53