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SIM security

By: catrike3 | 18-03-2019 11:29

Regarding: Combating SIM Theft.

I can’t believe that this hasn’t been done already (phone accounts get hi-jacked). Setting up a pass phrase, so that if I ever need a new SIM, I have to give the pass phrase before I can activate said SIM.




by: carol91877
on: 05-02-2020 06:16

I think a security question that you would only know .ie. like fathers middle name or mums maiden name etc or even a one time pass code to protect and secure you sim card every bit of security is important and even more know days as theres to much fraud and scams happening x

by: muddycalhoun
on: 03-02-2020 08:57

Certainly an example of timely thinking, within weeks of this suggestion Giffgaff members were suffering a sustained attack from some determined and persistent scammers who ended up making summer 2019 a miserable one for many members who had their account compromised and others who had their banking details taken.

Much of this was on the premise of a unauthorised SIM swap.

This if in place or something similar would have saved many members a lot of worry and headaches and members on H&S and Giffgaff agents a lot of time responding to requests for help.

by: bobie28
on: 30-01-2020 01:36


by: danny56767
on: 24-01-2020 18:37


by: davidandelo
on: 21-01-2020 05:56

I agree like this ifea

by: zuzieq
on: 19-01-2020 21:43


by: aimee96760
on: 19-01-2020 16:51

u must set harder passwords like not the same password for any accounts app banking anything like that and make sure it’s unique to u only and never ever but 123 or 1234 so easy to hack!

by: aaronmeade1
on: 18-01-2020 22:28

good idea

by: lor3nzo
on: 18-01-2020 16:02

Can be very troublesome if someone forgets their PIN. Keep in mind that both kids and the elderly may have trouble remembering, and will make it much harder for them to solve this issue without assistance.

by: johndfoster7
on: 17-01-2020 16:15

I like this idea