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SIM security

By: catrike3 | 18-03-2019 11:29

Regarding: Combating SIM Theft.

I can’t believe that this hasn’t been done already (phone accounts get hi-jacked). Setting up a pass phrase, so that if I ever need a new SIM, I have to give the pass phrase before I can activate said SIM.




by: rathony34
on: 23-06-2019 13:40

maybe have an email that you can get the sim activated

by: podgi60
on: 04-12-2019 23:39

can u check my sim card

by: sheik50642
on: 28-12-2019 04:51


by: artpage
on: 30-07-2019 08:13

Couldn’t it be done in conjunction with a code sent to your email?

Texting a given word to giffgaff on said sim and receiving a security code to a preset email address.

Using a WiFi connection the phone could receive emails.

Then type code on keypad to unlock sim or sync... I’ve just got up and can’t remember the question...breakfast time I think.

by: boomboomk9000
on: 01-10-2019 02:45

Not always easy to find working wifi, especially when you don't have your own. I'm finding wifi extra a godsend but I couldn't have that without an activated sim

by: bernienatch
on: 29-07-2019 21:24

Perhaps having, as my bank does, a security question that only you know the answer to.......such as.....what's the name of your first pet or something else personal.

by: tangai
on: 26-07-2019 13:37

I've now supported this idea

by: erzse49
on: 23-07-2019 11:36

I like this idea

by: dawnc59
on: 08-07-2019 02:54

I agree.x

by: jeannetteplant
on: 01-07-2019 18:42

totally agree

by: helen_starkey
on: 29-06-2019 18:42

could be handy

by: tired16
on: 25-06-2019 19:22

Glad to see this is being looked into! It would be great to have this security feature to safeguard us all.

by: bilalgill835
on: 07-03-2020 18:07

Thanks so

by: ashaw39
on: 25-06-2019 18:46

Setting up a password for security is easy. Remembering the password when you need it in an emergency can be tricky, especially if you're asked for the 2nd, 5th and 8th characters of that password. Essentially an excellent idea and worthy of the approved heart button, but, I shall be choosing a memorable password for ease of mind should this wonderful idea be approved.