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Pay your way

By: jody23011 | 09-03-2019 01:09

allow bad credited wannabe customers the chance to still buy a new or used phone from giffgaff by paying upfront for what they are wanting to purchase from you but can't due to bad or no credit history

But not only buy upfront but be allowed to make whatever payment they can afford that week or month as long as they understand what the cost is of the purchase and that the full price agreed is paid in full within the time given ie ( customer has 6 months to pay full purchase agreed or they for fit any money's already made if full balance is not met by time agreed upon the credit agreement made ) or 12 month agreements for newer or more expensive handsets

Obviously within the agreement there will be no interest added or charges if they miss payment .they just plain and simply pay in full within agreed time or lose purchase and all money already paid if not completed / paid in full within time set or agreed by customer



by: nickyheywood
on: 18-05-2019 11:02

i dont see any benefits from this

by: moder19
on: 18-05-2019 10:49

Is there any major advantage for giffgaff and other users? I can't see any benefits. Sorry;

by: claire1uk
on: 17-05-2019 22:12

I know it's good to give everyone a chance, however bad credit customers do not always have the financial ability to carry this through to the end.

They have a bad credit rating for a reason.

by: stellamobile
on: 22-05-2019 20:40

paying upfront is one thing and getting credit is another

by: carolcat
on: 27-05-2019 14:46

That's true. Completely different things.

by: smithster225225
on: 18-05-2019 08:07

Your idea is a little bit unclear.

You're asking giffgaff to allow anybody with bad credit to be able to purchase a phone via monthly payments at a cost they can afford when they can afford it?

If thats what you mean then.................oh dear!!! Can you imagine all these people with bad credit getting phones then not paying. This is why finance companies like ratesetter exist, to control credit to people who can and will keep up payments etc

Or.....do you mean paying money into like a savings scheme? This would be more plausable but giffgaff wont have time or the means to accomodate this.

It might be best to save up yourself OR ask a friend/family member to help you out?

by: gvmhb
on: 18-05-2019 06:27

Sorry, I can't support this.

I'm not sure I really understand what you are asking anyway, but if people wanted to pay the total price before they get the phone then it's like some sort of saving scheme.

Surely they is another way they could arrange this.