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Pay your way

By: jody23011 | 09-03-2019 01:09

allow bad credited wannabe customers the chance to still buy a new or used phone from giffgaff by paying upfront for what they are wanting to purchase from you but can't due to bad or no credit history

But not only buy upfront but be allowed to make whatever payment they can afford that week or month as long as they understand what the cost is of the purchase and that the full price agreed is paid in full within the time given ie ( customer has 6 months to pay full purchase agreed or they for fit any money's already made if full balance is not met by time agreed upon the credit agreement made ) or 12 month agreements for newer or more expensive handsets

Obviously within the agreement there will be no interest added or charges if they miss payment .they just plain and simply pay in full within agreed time or lose purchase and all money already paid if not completed / paid in full within time set or agreed by customer



by: blueleather
on: 02-06-2019 13:51

That makes no sense at all to me. To risky.

by: tradertall
on: 02-06-2019 13:36

giffgaff does not need bad debt

by: onthelash
on: 31-05-2019 21:59

Sorry but no from me as to risky

by: lpwilliams
on: 30-05-2019 06:36

giffgaff have a number of lower priced phones. I do think giffgaff is acting responsibly. If a member cannot afford a high value phone, giffgaff are catering for them with lower value phones.

People should not stretch themselves financially. If I had poor credit, I would start building it by being realistic about what I could afford, rather than try and get the latest technology (and then be in greater debt).

by: msmon55
on: 29-05-2019 16:46

Sorry think this is too financially risky for Giffgaff unless you mean GG hold the phone until its fully paid up?

by: deejoldskool
on: 04-06-2019 10:25

I am sure that is what is meant, A kind of lay-away.

by: burgundy1
on: 28-05-2019 20:25

Just need to implement some way to make sure people do pay what they owe.

by: techiebloke
on: 28-05-2019 18:33


What you are proposing is interest free credit as the furniture stores do.

However, they use a finance company who take on the credit risk so the retailer gets paid upfront irrespective but there is charge for credit but a credit search is usually run and those with a bad history or no history won't get it because the risk of them defaulting on the debt is high.

Remember that, although owned by O2, giffgaff is an independent company which is relatively small in comparison to it's parent and so is not likely to want to take on credit risk which is why they use ratesetter and I doubt O2 would take on the risk as they do for pay monthly contracts.

Unfortunately, as some have pointed out some would just take the devices and not pay so giffgaff would have to instruct debt collectors and bar the phones.

Nice idea if everyone was as honest as yourself but the truth is different and I think it would be hassle and expense that would push the price up for everyone.

by: iamnew787
on: 27-05-2019 20:14


by: mares92
on: 26-05-2019 23:32

Yes i like this idea.

by: swainejohn301
on: 26-05-2019 09:05

I'd love for this to come to pass but from a logistics standpoint it won't work as not many would pay for it