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Loyalty rewards

By: snipe717 | 02-03-2019 10:39

EE has a great loyalty scheme for their PAYG element, every three months you can add on an extra 500mb of data, which is appended to each subsequent pack purchased. After a year, this equates to an extra 2gb each time you buy a pack, it's a great incentive to stay. I know a lot of people who complain about the network coverage, but stay only because they do not wish to lose the data they have accrued.

I wondered if Giffgaff could implement something similar, to reward their long standing customers? Perhaps allowing customers an additional 500mb of data per full year of service, to be added on to any goody bag purchased at £10, or above? So, after two full years with giffgaff, instead of getting 3gb for £10, they would get 4gb, after four years, 5gb and so on.

This kind of system seems effective to avoid customers jumping ship in search of a better deal. Just a thought.



by: star8413
on: 22-06-2019 20:05


by: sana_j19
on: 12-06-2019 16:32

Good idea

by: pinkunykorn
on: 02-06-2019 19:08

good idea

by: blueleather
on: 02-06-2019 14:14

Not a biggest fan of loyalty rewards.

by: ijustcantdoit
on: 30-05-2019 17:34

I like our existing set up and although your idea is well put , i still think we have a fair set up

by: gloriousiam
on: 26-05-2019 18:07

That would be great.

by: abiable
on: 24-05-2019 16:52

I well thought out loyalty rewards program would be welcome. Especially when you consider those perhaps on the cheaper goodybags who might jump around for cheaper aim only deals. That or data rollover. Hopefully Giffgaff are already considering such ideas. Thanks for highlighting this, you get my vote! :)

by: sha_shah1
on: 23-05-2019 22:21

Good idea

by: bing5582
on: 22-05-2019 15:59

Good idea

by: tomczu
on: 21-05-2019 19:52

Such loyalty rewards are always attractive.