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2 factor authentication

By: rober78087 | 13-02-2019 13:54

On the website there is no 2FA for added security, this should be changed and added for extra security of accounts and payment information


by: eluminea
on: 10-03-2019 17:37

Quite honestly; no idea what it is :P

by: emmalouisep93
on: 26-02-2019 21:06

This has already been suggested.

by: tids
on: 23-02-2019 11:12

Is there any need for this a slow process

by: drkarter
on: 25-02-2019 21:23

As long as it doesn't slow us down too much when we are in rush.

by: starkey93
on: 20-02-2019 04:03

Maybe got to the party a little bit late

by: mcilwraith
on: 14-02-2019 22:04

best to vote for this idea that already exists

by: blueleather
on: 21-02-2019 14:34

There's many propositions of 2FA.

by: androidhtc101
on: 26-08-2019 10:55

Get this done Giff Gaff