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By: jennybaby25 | 11-02-2019 04:27

my idea is that giffgaff should go back to doing £20 unlimited credit again. Members would benefit more from it. Because giffgaff is the best network to be on.


by: bradturner
on: 23-02-2021 10:01

giffgaff now has the £25 Always-on goodybag so I guess this is the solution to this idea.

by: bisma26475
on: 21-02-2021 01:22

not bad

by: shahz49283
on: 13-02-2021 18:53


by: benfman
on: 20-01-2021 13:00


by: clara4
on: 20-01-2021 11:14

Good idea

by: merew
on: 20-01-2021 07:22

Great Idea

by: chand311
on: 18-10-2020 20:16

Could not get it!

by: bvbc
on: 11-10-2020 11:11


by: haleemanoor
on: 29-09-2020 08:18

Stand with you and support

by: ahreh20
on: 13-09-2020 10:56

Very nice