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eSIM support

By: michael__conlon | 06-02-2019 16:33

eSIM support for new Iphones Xr

it will bring giffgaff upto date and give members access to the new intergrated imbedded sim. (eSIM)

giffgaff wants to look forward.


by: spmgadget
on: 15-08-2020 08:18

yes please - just got a Samsung lte watch which would utilise esim

by: kango_vc
on: 14-08-2020 15:55

Need this for my wife so she can stop coarrying around 2 phones ;) She really wants a Pixel 3A.

by: paul_62
on: 12-08-2020 23:38

I use two sims, work and personal. The phone I am looking to upgrade to has sim and or esim.

This tech would be great for me.

by: tsql_simon
on: 11-08-2020 11:57

Would love this for using my tablet on the Go!

by: justinha
on: 10-08-2020 23:13

Yes please! I would really love esim support for travelling.

by: charlottelle
on: 09-08-2020 18:52

yep in support here of this here - new iphone se has this capability... when you’re ready to.

by: beppedicento
on: 09-08-2020 09:49

esim please!

by: natogrifone
on: 08-08-2020 14:28

Great idea, would appreciate GG to support eSIM.

by: darkas
on: 08-08-2020 10:56

I'm considering buying a Pixel 4a and giffgaff support for the esim would help me stay on the network

by: nagyd53
on: 06-08-2020 19:57

Need eSim for iPhone dual sim operation.