Leave a legacy.

eSIM support

By: michael__conlon | 06-02-2019 16:33

eSIM support for new Iphones Xr

it will bring giffgaff upto date and give members access to the new intergrated imbedded sim. (eSIM)

giffgaff wants to look forward.


by: muddycalhoun
on: 03-02-2020 09:39

Well making Giffgaff accept eSIM's has been suggested time after time, and I suppose it is an inevitable change that will come.

Not only for iPhone users.

by: aconw46
on: 25-01-2020 10:28

I can't log in to my giff gaff lost my sim so I'm on my wife's account could u please send me new sim Kevin Taylor 50 Charlbury road middlesbrough TS38JT 07596812275 I have a sim but think it's in my name could u put my number on that do not touch this number I'm on my wife's giff gaff

by: czbikerchick
on: 17-02-2020 01:20

Hi, you should be able to login in to your giffgaff account with your login details which are not directly connected to your lost sim card and I can help you with this: First to get a new free sim card by simply using this link: https://www.giffgaff.com/free-sim-cards and just fill your name, your email and postal address and it will be posted to you. Then use this link to retrieve your login details in case you cannot remember them - you can do that by using your wife's phone - please see the bottom of the page on this link: https://www.giffgaff.com/support/lost-password And when you have managed to get your login details, back, you can then login to your giffgaff account on a web browser on the internet (it doesn't have to be just on the app) and activate your new sim card. And lastly you use this link to swap your sim which moves your existing number from your lost sim onto your new sim card and your lost sim will then be blocked to insure that no one can use it: https://www.giffgaff.com/support/lost/sim I hope this will help and you should be soon all back up and running as if nothing ever happened.

by: sharp68144
on: 22-01-2020 16:32

You think that the e in eSIM stands for "imbedded"?

by: czbikerchick
on: 17-02-2020 00:26

eSim means: embedded electronical Sim card which is a digital SIM that lets you to activate a cellular data plan from your chosen mobile network carrier without having to use a physical SIM card. but you need to have an unlocked dual phone. You get a plastic card with a QR Code on which has on it (in the code) the exact same info as it would be on the physical sim, you simply scan the code with your phone and it registers itself as the 2nd data plan on your phone and that's it. My primary sim is a physical nano size giffgaff sim and my eSim is Czech T-Mobile network which I use to keep in touch with my family and while I am there on my holiday to see them and to spend time with them. I hope that helps.

by: johndfoster7
on: 17-01-2020 16:35

I like this idea

by: racha27269
on: 15-01-2020 02:10

Great Idea Fully Supported :)

by: cms22
on: 01-01-2020 10:26

O2 supports it so giffgaff should.

by: czbikerchick
on: 06-02-2020 18:53

O2 only supports it partially as yes on pay monthly but no for pay as go.

by: peterg92
on: 19-12-2019 19:19


by: mezeit
on: 08-12-2019 21:45

good idea

by: nx5
on: 01-11-2019 14:36

Upvote for new Google Pixel 4

by: tracy71
on: 28-10-2019 01:58

would be good to be fair supported