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eSIM support

By: michael__conlon | 06-02-2019 16:33

eSIM support for new Iphones Xr

it will bring giffgaff upto date and give members access to the new intergrated imbedded sim. (eSIM)

giffgaff wants to look forward.


by: smepla
on: 16-06-2019 13:43

yes please. O2 now supports it so surely that’s the beginning on getting giffgaff on as well?

by: jondon1981
on: 16-06-2019 13:46

I really do hope so. So much need for this and even more so in the near future ????

by: czbikerchick
on: 06-02-2020 18:50

There is a little correction to it though: O2 very sadly supports eSIM only for their customers using pay monthly plans,, BUT for those on pays go there is no eSIM available at all and they said that they will not be introducing it either. And to explain I used to have with them an international pay as go sim to call my parents landline in Czech Republic and when they told me that they don't do eSIM for pay as go users (as I refuse to carry two phones) I told them that I am really fed up with them and to my surprise they sent me a cheque for £20.86 which was my remaining credit on that pay as go sim. So now I am officially done with O2 as a direct network service provider.

by: natogrifone
on: 08-08-2020 14:28

Great idea, would appreciate GG to support eSIM.

by: darkas
on: 08-08-2020 10:56

I'm considering buying a Pixel 4a and giffgaff support for the esim would help me stay on the network

by: nagyd53
on: 06-08-2020 19:57

Need eSim for iPhone dual sim operation.

by: david19743
on: 22-07-2020 23:07

A good idea keeping giffgaff up to date and supporting members who need to operate more than one number. If possible from a technical point of view it seems a no brained to me.

by: o7sagittarius
on: 22-07-2020 20:53

great idea this is definitely the way forward

by: jxmes_w_
on: 22-07-2020 19:38

This is a great idea.

I think that eSIMs are a great security feature - if your phone is stolen, the criminal can not disconnect the SIM card so it can still be tracked with giffgaff.

by: ikkyh56
on: 17-07-2020 22:21


by: ikkyh56
on: 15-07-2020 13:04

Great idea

by: stellamobile
on: 13-07-2020 19:55

sorry not heard of esim yet but I'm sure I will