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Giff Gaffer Game Changers

By: slinky1 | 26-01-2019 13:59

How about being able to nominate other Giff Gaffers when you believe they deserve recognition for outstanding help , support , solutions etc?? Maybe every 3 months a nomination for shortlisted subjects where we can all support such great community Gaffers?? The incentive for winner could be a reward of some kind or a medal of recogniton on their profile?just a thought!!!


by: slinky1
on: 15-11-2019 07:23

wow its so nice to see such lovely people spreading the love!!

by: slinky1
on: 30-10-2019 21:53

thank you guys n gals

by: craig72071
on: 29-10-2019 20:48

I would Support that!

by: ukrun
on: 18-10-2019 01:40

You've got my support

by: erzse49
on: 15-10-2019 20:08

good idea

by: slinky1
on: 18-08-2019 10:18

thanks everyone!!!!

by: elli87
on: 19-08-2019 12:57


by: jason1973tess
on: 09-08-2019 05:46

grate idea

by: jason1973tess
on: 09-08-2019 05:45

good idea

by: joshpt
on: 09-08-2019 00:47

great idea

by: c55amg2005
on: 31-07-2019 00:51

You've got my vote.