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Activation guides in different languages

By: lpwilliams | 26-01-2019 08:57

The sim activation process for giffgaff has changed very little from when I first joined.

Increasingly, there are more people travelling and using giffgaff sims when in the UK.

My idea is for giffgaff to produce the Activation Process in a number of different / popular languages.

This could help generate more sim activations (granted they may be short term activations).


by: nickyheywood
on: 09-05-2019 14:59

great idea

by: egglassa
on: 24-04-2019 21:01


by: tito6
on: 21-04-2019 17:28

fantastic idea

by: tito6
on: 21-04-2019 17:27

Fantastic idea

by: bvbc
on: 16-04-2019 15:05


by: fabiyes
on: 16-04-2019 12:52

wonderful idea

by: ukrun
on: 11-04-2019 13:41

This will be great

by: leshin
on: 11-04-2019 08:01

Wicked idea

by: pwincess2k13
on: 07-04-2019 16:45


by: joolzian
on: 30-03-2019 22:50

I can't see this as a priority with translations easily available on line