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Royal Mail Special Delivery replacement sim option trial

By: timwilliams25 | 18-01-2019 18:34

At present, if you report your phone or sim lost/stolen, giffgaff put a block on your sim and then post out a new sim. Only this replacement sim can be activated back onto your account. The replacement sim can take a couple of days to arrive. This can be frustrating and inconvenient for the giffgaff member, as they must wait for the sim to arrive.

I would like to suggest that giffgaff consider trialling the option for a giffgaff member to chose a paid for Premium Sim Replacement Service.

Could use the strapline, "get your giffy in a Jiffy"

The Premium Sim Replacement Service would be optional and require the giffgaff member to pay a fee from airtime credit or a stored credit/debit card. The Premium Sim Replacement Service would use Royal Mail's Next Day before 1pm service. The charge would cover the cost of postage which at present would be in the region of £6.50.

I agree not all people would wish to pay this fee but many might to get their phone back up and running as for some, their phone is their business.

If giffgaff were able to offer a trial on this, then they could gauge support and interest and potentially roll it on a permanent basis.

Thoughts please



by: tracy71
on: 10-02-2019 10:27


by: gvmhb
on: 10-02-2019 10:12

Sounds like a reasonable idea. Not sure I'd want to pay it but some may.

by: wilja
on: 10-02-2019 08:47

I see where your coming from and for those that are in a real hurry they may pay up.

by: chand311
on: 09-02-2019 22:26

Nice idea!

by: beautifulflowers
on: 09-02-2019 11:56


by: claire1uk
on: 08-02-2019 23:25

£6.50 sounds a bit to pricey.

by: timwilliams25
on: 10-02-2019 08:35

That is the price that Royal Mail charge for the lowest weight item through Special Delivery (using prepaid franking rates)

by: claire1uk
on: 10-02-2019 14:22

@timwilliams25. I can believe that.

by: mr09
on: 08-02-2019 20:37


by: hunterchunk
on: 08-02-2019 18:22

it's an idea that would be useful to some but as all thats needed is a simswap I don't think many would take it up.

by: timwilliams25
on: 10-02-2019 08:36

Yes, did not realise you can now do this. Previously had to wait for the replacement - thanks

by: titan2019
on: 11-02-2019 19:07

good idea but could you not just keep a spare new SIM just in case you need it.