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"Crowdfunded by giffgaff community"

By: sarlove | 08-01-2019 10:42

The idea is to offer community members an option to use their payback points to crowdfund projects. Maybe some start-ups for example, that aim to improve access to mobile technologies in less wealthy countries? Or give them a choice of different projects/start-ups and then chose the most popular one?

Gifffaff gets more "buzz" and has a chance do do some social good. Users, I am sure, would appreciate such option too.

It would be another ways to show that giffgaff is a network that cares about people. Not only its own community, but from outside as well, and is willing to help entrepreneurs with good ideas!


by: iqbal92307
on: 19-05-2019 15:33

Intrusting idea

by: stellamobile
on: 12-05-2019 20:20

idea is ok but you have already the option to give your payback to charity of your choice

by: chaaaan
on: 09-05-2019 16:57

Great idea

by: nickyheywood
on: 09-05-2019 15:11


by: lady__t
on: 25-04-2019 02:55

Interesting idea

by: bettyrosina
on: 24-04-2019 15:31

An idea worth consideration.

by: joshpt
on: 20-04-2019 09:53

Good idea

by: ziva2015
on: 20-04-2019 00:01

This is an excellent way to support good causes, especially for people with low incomes; it would mean they can still support charitable causes financially without actually digging into their small incomes! Nice one! ????????????

by: haseebhejazi
on: 18-04-2019 09:24


by: glitterykittee
on: 14-04-2019 19:16

Sounds good.