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Connecting giffgaff with Google Assistant

By: zebracow | 27-12-2018 14:19

Hey community,

How about this idea of connecting giffgaff with Google Assistant and then being able to do everything via it. For example asking Google to top up a goodybag or to check our remaining balance in current goodybag?

Or even asking for a message to be posted to a Support agent?

This idea would certainly push giffgaff forward in the stakes of market leader's and also something that the whole community could rave about and say that we are one the first to have this service.

The idea is only a starting point but I think it could be customised for many things compatible with the giffgaff web page or app. Or even things like recording our own voicemail greetings via Google Assistant.

Please get behind this idea or even add suggestions in the comments and let's talk about how we can get this idea to work and be the best.

Richie xxl


by: shaunit
on: 14-05-2019 15:37

I like this idea

by: stellamobile
on: 12-05-2019 20:17

yes I'm liking this idea round like a good call

by: nickyheywood
on: 09-05-2019 15:10

good idea

by: shakira8
on: 03-05-2019 12:23

good idea

by: haseebhejazi
on: 22-04-2019 22:01


by: yummywerewolfhunter
on: 16-04-2019 20:14

Not for me.

by: glitterykittee
on: 16-04-2019 20:04

It would make things a lot easier.

by: klmwong
on: 16-04-2019 20:00

Like it.

by: klmwong
on: 16-04-2019 19:50

Interesting idea. If this were implemented I wouldn't use it but maybe others will.

by: chaaaan
on: 16-04-2019 17:34

Love to see that