Leave a legacy.


By: mattycozens88 | 22-12-2018 08:34

be able to sync our giffgaff profile to whatsapp accounts so if ever forget username.and password can send message to our whatsapp with one off code and automatucally sync to sign in from your whatsapp to reset new username and password instead of.having to go through the email way of current as I receive high amount of emails it took me ages scrolling to find the giffgaff email last time



by: starkey93
on: 26-01-2019 01:31

Definitely not for me this, but all the best anyways.

by: mrjeeves
on: 25-01-2019 19:29

I don't like this.

The issue you state of having 'lots of emails' is easily fixed with a common feature called search.