Leave a legacy.


By: mattycozens88 | 22-12-2018 08:34

be able to sync our giffgaff profile to whatsapp accounts so if ever forget username.and password can send message to our whatsapp with one off code and automatucally sync to sign in from your whatsapp to reset new username and password instead of.having to go through the email way of current as I receive high amount of emails it took me ages scrolling to find the giffgaff email last time



by: davidgbartlett
on: 29-01-2019 09:53

Set yourself up a new email account??

by: poorben
on: 27-01-2019 21:26

If it took you ages scrolling to find the giffgaff email last time, why don't you look at the filtering and searching methods that all email clients contain.

Or perhaps install a password manager application

by: timwilliams25
on: 27-01-2019 17:39

This would mean giffgaff having to share confidential information with an external third party app which may breach GDPR rules.

I think if you want to use Whatsapp to remember your details, then just send yourself you own log in details to your Whatsapp account and ensure you Whatsapp account is set up to back up on a regular basis.

Sorry but I cannot see the value in your idea, especially when you could just send the info to Whatsapp account anyway

by: bob_ra
on: 27-01-2019 15:14

Why put problems on to simplicity, most of any login's on Whatsapp are using QR codes

by: sha_shah1
on: 27-01-2019 00:08

Not for me sorry

by: adamtheant
on: 26-01-2019 23:46

no thank you

by: tazzy19
on: 26-01-2019 18:19

NO !!

Next you'll be suggesting we sign in with farcebook with their privacy and security record

by: chris2764
on: 07-02-2019 17:03

Wats app is actually owened and operated by Facebook it's another service from Facebook

by: natty_noo
on: 26-01-2019 15:42

Not for me sorry, i don't want my giffgaff account 'synced' anywhere else.

by: eluminea
on: 01-02-2019 12:09

As long as it's optional. Then yes.

by: as7861
on: 26-01-2019 14:55


Sounds like a good idea, however I want to see how it develops and if Facebook can up there game with privacy.

by: espuelita
on: 26-01-2019 14:02

I don't think this is a good idea.

There is too much synergy between social media accounts, and Zuckerberg now wants to increase it still further between WhatsApp, FB and Instagram.