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Make GG e-mails viewable from the Account Dashboard

By: thunderdragon | 11-12-2018 17:57

A Recent discussion about GiffGaff e-mails revealed that GG are using a few unwise practices in theirs:

  • Important links (i.e: Charity voting rounds) are only sent to members via e-mail, and cannot be accessed by logging into ones GG account.
  • GG have limited e-mail capacity (They can only send out ~500k a day) which leads to delays when lots have to be sent around,
  • Tracking links and code are used extensively (Each image tells GG if a message has been opened) which is a considerable privacy issue,
  • Links used are hard to differentiate from those in scam e-mails, which means security conscious members are unlikely to follow them and thus lose out on whatever function (Charity nomination/vote or outage related remuneration) the e-mail was meant to serve,
  • In addition: The format used (HTML - Encoded Quoted-Printable - With no plain-text fallback) makes these e-mails very hard to read and handle with plain-text/manual methods, making them almost unreadable in Mutt and other terminal-based clients.

Please could GiffGaff consider adding an E-mail Centre to the Account Dashboard, which would allow members to view e-mails GG have sent them by logging-in to their accounts and visiting the E-mail Centre from there. This would offer a number of benefits:

  • Security-conscious members can verify and access e-mails safely by logging-in to their accounts and seeing if the e-mail they've received appears there too. If it doesn't, they'll be able to raise a timely scam warning on Community & with GiffGaff themselves.
  • Members who don't have access to e-mail that day/are out-of-office can still collect service and marketing e-mail from GG if so desired,
  • "Missing" e-mails can be collected from the Dashboard instead, reducing Agent tickets and posts in H&S asking about these.
  • GGs limited e-mailing capacity can be better managed by sending only legal comms & receipts at point of creation (Such as the new member welcome e-mail with T&Cs, or top-up/GoodyBag receipts) and buffering less urgent e-mail (Routine mass mailouts, promos, Community thread subscriptions etc) for sending at times when spare capacity exists. In a day when 12,500 e-mails have been sent out directly - For example - The next 487,500 buffered e-mails could be uploaded to the mail provider around 22:45 for transmission, making better use of the spare capacity left over from that day.
  • During times of high e-mail demand (Such as December 2018's network outage) messages which have been buffered for sending but have been read by members through the E-Mail Centre in that time could be moved to a "low urgency" buffer and sent whenever capacity is freed-up, or (If the member has already read it from their Dashboard and acted upon it) perhaps deleted as redundant.

Implementing this would ensure that GiffGaff not only serve members in a more straightforward and secure way that makes a lot of sense (And making the service more accessible to the highly security oriented, and avoiding them missing out) but would also allow them to keep a lot of communications internal, manage/reduce resource consumption avoiding surge pricing completely, and in doing this help to keep operational - And thus; service - Costs low for all of us! :-)

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by: nickyheywood
on: 11-05-2019 14:19

like the idea

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on: 25-04-2019 16:19


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by: karenyates
on: 21-04-2019 16:31

Well thought out and described in a way so that all can understand the plus points .


by: gloriousiam
on: 19-04-2019 20:40

good nice.

by: koshka
on: 26-03-2019 10:54

Good idea well presented , Supported.

by: ta_zara
on: 25-03-2019 22:54

Good thinking

by: frommoon
on: 21-03-2019 19:56

That sounds good. Worth to try it out!

by: helen_starkey
on: 16-03-2019 17:33

nice job