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Popup before posting in Help during global issues

By: firoze | 06-12-2018 19:32

There has been a global impact on data services within the o2 network.

Despite a banner provided by giffgaff at the top of the Help page, over 80% (sometimes over 90%) of posts in the Help section referred to this outage.

My idea is that during these admittedly occasional but global outages that affect all members, there is a divert in place when the user clicks "Post" to inform them of the issue. If they still feel the need to post a question, they can.

I feel this would have had a huge impact on the sheer number of posts today.

Worth bearing in mind for the future.


by: o7sagittarius
on: 15-01-2019 19:25

yes I think this will be very helpful but I hope it doesn't happen very often so we won't need to use it

by: bullphit
on: 15-01-2019 14:33

Smashing idea

by: mij_sky
on: 15-01-2019 12:02

tats always gonna be the case when things like that happen .... you just go with it and posts will dissapera

by: nikmobile
on: 15-01-2019 12:00

These occasions don’t happen

by: mcilwraith
on: 14-01-2019 20:51

for something that might or might not happen again i don`t think its worth it

by: gvmhb
on: 13-01-2019 13:23

I think it would be complicated to implement for the rare occasions it would be needed.

by: helen_leigh
on: 13-01-2019 13:15

Hopefully rare occurrence but yes would be easy way to see its not a problem only related to you and letting us know quickly what's going on.

by: starkey93
on: 13-01-2019 12:48

This would be handy and useful you have my support on this idea.

by: newcrazymember2018
on: 13-01-2019 07:23

Yes really good thinking there.

by: kathleen414
on: 12-01-2019 22:04

Anything thats helps the members gets the correct information is a plus from me