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By: claire1uk | 03-12-2018 03:18

On the Help and support live page there is a Back button on the top left hand side, that takes you back to original list of support needed.

Could we not have one on Labs?

Many times I lose my original Labs page and have to re-find where I was after pressing the Back key on my phone app once to often.

A very simple idea that would help some members lives easier, especially days when my Brain is on a 'not quite with it day.

Thank you for reading my idea.


by: haseebhejazi
on: 28-05-2019 07:38

better idea.

by: manfred_sim2
on: 27-05-2019 21:11

Sooner the better, I mostly don't bother with the lab cos I get sick of having to click browser and crawl out to page 45+ again.

by: peterg92
on: 22-05-2019 16:26


by: karenyates
on: 12-05-2019 10:13

Seems like a useful tool.????

by: tabedin
on: 09-04-2019 22:20


by: helen_leigh
on: 08-04-2019 20:13

Yes I find that annoying too and would support a back button to take me back to the page I was just on. Not back to the top of the list again. I lose the will to live sometimes when trying to look at ideas lab.

by: helen_starkey
on: 17-03-2019 19:46

this sounds like a very handy idea well done

by: o__o
on: 08-03-2019 22:08

Fantastic idea, you have my support ;)

by: emmalouisep93
on: 26-02-2019 21:23

Good luck.

by: chinsndips
on: 20-02-2019 10:50

Love it!