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private ext

By: tmnca85 | 02-12-2018 01:44

your very own personal extension number with in gg community members just like your private messages they not private ext - tnm0000 how it would benefit members well that i never thought of a bit fun as vip's members just a thought ???? may be any others who would be able to give abit thought a helping hand p.i tmn0037 tech team any think ???? on ideas ???? pls feel to delete private ext xxxx576?


by: sasha_t
on: 30-01-2019 19:34

Who on earth is vetting these ideas? How did this get put up when no one can understand it?

by: firoze
on: 30-01-2019 17:02


by: joolzian
on: 30-01-2019 12:19

like others I can't understand what your idea is ?

by: peterg92
on: 30-01-2019 11:39


by: adamtheant
on: 30-01-2019 00:37


by: chand311
on: 29-01-2019 21:59

Bit confusing and already a unique mobile number is given.

by: eluminea
on: 01-02-2019 12:05

Agree. Need more explanation.

by: lpwilliams
on: 29-01-2019 20:58

Am I missing something?

You have a unique mobile number that only you have. Why would you need a unique personal extension too? Just give your mobile number, this is in effect a personal extension number.

by: kathleen414
on: 29-01-2019 17:17

Hiya and thanks for adding your idea

Could you explain better what exactly you asking for as although i can kinda guess , i would like to better understand it from your viewpoint

by: poorben
on: 29-01-2019 11:02

You've not explained the idea very well, and I really can't understand what you are proposing.

by: davidgbartlett
on: 29-01-2019 09:52

This is all a bit odd. Not going to gain any traction I don't think. Thanks for trying though