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Text the community (SMS)

By: andreathecat | 08-11-2018 18:34

It would be something very new and cool letting members create a post on the community via free texts. Like I want to create a post in the help and support section so I text the word new to 43435, for example....

I'll get a text back asking me the subject/title and an another one asking for the post content

Then it will be asked "do you want answers get texted directly to you?

So Giffgaff can advertise "Text support with 90s time for answer guaranteed"



by: as7861
on: 22-11-2018 08:24

Hi @andreathecat

Great idea, adding another option for people to get help would be great. However, I do think we need to see if people do struggle to post on the community.

However I do see the benefits of this :)

by: drkarter
on: 28-11-2018 11:06

Great idea! Allows easier communication.

by: bogacot
on: 21-11-2018 20:09

I think that the current way of posting on the forum is already convenient and free. Your suggestion, although free to the user, would more than likely cost Giffgaff. Therefore is doesn't take too much working out to realise that cost would have to be passed on to us in the long run.

by: team_leader
on: 21-11-2018 18:59

Don't really see a need for it sorry.

by: persco
on: 21-11-2018 07:05

Too much faffing around. Help and support must be as straightforward, easily accessible and simple as it can be. Text support will have to go through sms which will mean you are employing data for the thread via the community and then sms service. Should be either sms alone or data via the normal platform.

by: pete2009
on: 20-11-2018 06:08

interesting idea however I suspect it would complicate things and be expensive for giffgaff to implement.

by: tito6
on: 19-11-2018 23:17

i like forums

by: gvmhb
on: 19-11-2018 20:51

This sounds too complicated to interest me, and I would think to expensive for Giffgaff to implement.

by: peterg92
on: 18-11-2018 16:54

I am happy how it is all ready sorry

by: pault1974
on: 16-11-2018 16:43

Or you could just login to the forum and ask questions on the H&S board? Much simpler and quicker.

by: egglassa
on: 15-11-2018 21:38

Great idea