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Imperial/Old people

By: tooltrader | 04-11-2018 02:22

Wouldnt it be nice if phone specifications on giffgaff could put the imperial version (inchs etc)right next to the metric version of millimetres.

I've just looked at an Apple phone(in our favour us oldies can easily afford such phones)and its all in metric which means I havnt a clue what size it is.

I've instantly not bothered and thats the end of a sale for giffgaff.

Amazing the gurus at giffgaff havnt thought of this,so I'll put it forward as it so easy just to put the imperial version under the metric version.



by: koshka
on: 29-12-2018 11:49

This would be a retrograde step. Imperial measures need fazing out .This from someone who had to learn chains and bushels.

by: abiable
on: 19-01-2019 13:09

Hey @tooltrader you can always look up the phone spec. (and size in inches) on here: https://www.gsmarena.com

by: claire1uk
on: 14-12-2018 18:12

I was taught in feet and inches, so I now just use one of the many online converters.

It's all in metric now, so it's us that's got to adjust.

by: janeroy58
on: 13-12-2018 22:39

I'm fairly old and I can do metric conversions in my head. They taught me how in primary school, over 50 years ago before decimalisation set in. Now, if they put the prices in old money that would be a thing...

by: keithctaylor
on: 02-01-2019 07:30

Great comment! I was about to suggest something similar. But you've said it better. :)

by: mcilwraith
on: 12-12-2018 20:18

this old person is quite happy the way things are

by: freedmaniac
on: 12-12-2018 18:37

I'm really hoping that your tongue is stuck firmly in your cheek here !!

Well, when I just looked at the iPhones, the screen size was in inches, so I don't know what the problem is really.

Are you really saying that you would turn down the chance to buy the phone at a better price just because the overall dimensions were given in metric?

Incidentally, I really do resent the suggestion that all old people need everything in imperial measurements rather than metric. I spent a successful 40 year career working totally in metric measurement, dealing with important health matters.

If it really bothers you, then just Google a conversion if you need it as has been suggested.

by: keithctaylor
on: 02-01-2019 07:33

Great comments! I agree so I down-voted this "idea"

by: chaaaan
on: 29-11-2020 05:48

amazing idea

by: bvbc
on: 26-11-2020 14:11


by: farie66
on: 20-11-2020 18:35

i like your idea

by: clara4
on: 30-10-2020 17:55