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Create A Fun Hold Tune

By: benrist1993 | 29-10-2018 12:51

When you put someone on hold on your mobile, you should create a way that you can choose like 3 songs to play on repeat that represent your personality. It would allow more people to be creative with their music and you should be able to change the tunes daily. You should have music everyone can choose from too, like including rock and metal is important as theese tend to be the underrated genres nowdays.



by: johnsmith140289
on: 30-12-2018 12:41

Yes, music on hold would be great.

by: tids
on: 29-12-2018 12:54

Lovely idea supported

by: koshka
on: 29-12-2018 11:51

Nice idea but definately not a priority. supported.

by: sha_shah1
on: 24-12-2018 00:23

its not a bad idea .but i dont think its necessary to giffgaff spend money for this

by: blue1212
on: 23-12-2018 07:50

Is this necessary

by: sarlove
on: 28-12-2018 11:23

I don't think so.

by: keithctaylor
on: 02-01-2019 07:23

Neither do I! So I don't support this idea

by: bullphit
on: 18-12-2018 07:23

Smashing idea

by: c55amg2005
on: 17-12-2018 23:53

You've got my vote.

by: drkarter
on: 22-12-2018 18:18

Definitely, not a priority.

by: lisam0716
on: 13-12-2018 21:25

fantastic idea.

by: tradertall
on: 13-12-2018 14:53

is it really necessary?

should gg really spend resources on this ?

by: fabiyes
on: 12-12-2018 15:33

Wonderful idea