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Make it easier so you can change your number but keep existing goody bag

By: salla77marie | 28-10-2018 15:14

changing your number easier so on app put button change number and keep existing goodybag



by: smithster225225
on: 01-12-2018 07:09

Currently, when a member changes their number, they automatically do keep their goodybag/airtime etc

by: poorben
on: 30-11-2018 22:03

What is the reason why this is important? What is the benefit to GG? How would you prevent misuse?

by: bluemoonbaz
on: 30-11-2018 18:44

Not for me , I think it's better to though the present system and make sure it's something you want to do and not by accident

by: dazoo
on: 30-11-2018 18:15

Need to be online on giffgaff account to request a number change from the my profile and settings page.

With in 4hrs after request then number shouls change to a new random number

by: freedmaniac
on: 30-11-2018 16:44

Too easy to do accidentally

by: chinsndips
on: 01-12-2018 12:20

Exactly, thought the same.

by: espuelita
on: 30-11-2018 16:43

Possibly an idea but your suggestion would be too easy to implement "by accident".

Better to have to jump through the current hoops so you're sure of what you're doing.