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Free Online Banking Access

By: anubisdrone | 27-10-2018 21:59

My idea....

My idea is about giving the community free access to their online banking services similar to the free access giffgaff members get to manage their online account and top up their Phones.

How will this benefit giffgaff and its members.....

Not everyone has home broadband in there homes and like me relies on the mobile internet connection for many things including online balance checking and other various things to do with banking. Also many people who use this network may not be able to get out of the house often, they may have disabilities or illnesses meaning they are not able to 'pop' to the local cash machine to check there balance, withdraw cash for bills. With this idea it could make it a lot easier and simpler for these people to gain some measure of independence back.

Such an idea would probably require a deal to be made with the banks themselves but could potentially encourage more people to to join the giffgaff network as no other Network offers this. Along with giffgaff's excellent 'Goody Bags' calls text's and data bundles this could be added to certain goody bags on a similar basis to the free extra 1GB of data added on.

Why should giffgaff implement my idea...

  • Encourage people to join giffgaff
  • Makes giffgaff a more diverse network
  • Encourages equality and diversity in the wider community, not just within giffgaff
  • Adds extra encouragement for people to stay on the network
  • Makes the Goody Bags more appealing
  • Would help promote giffgaff's already diverse equality mission statement

I hope you will consider my idea and any other ideas this may spark in others.


by: roxy844
on: 01-06-2019 19:05

good idea

by: msmon55
on: 23-05-2019 16:49

No thanks. Also if there's a dedicated part of Giffgaff dealing with banking it might make it easier for thieves to get into your bank account.

by: peterg92
on: 22-05-2019 16:38


by: iqbal92307
on: 20-05-2019 12:55

Nice idea

by: nickyheywood
on: 14-05-2019 19:12

lovely idea

by: ukrun
on: 02-05-2019 12:46


by: fudgey1987
on: 29-04-2019 07:50

ye go on en mite as well shame to waste an idea

by: fudgey1987
on: 29-04-2019 07:50

ye go on en mite as well shame to waste an idea

by: karenyates
on: 15-04-2019 07:20

Not an idea I feel is necessary .

by: pete2009
on: 30-03-2019 10:45

Not sure if it's needed