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Update Community Emojis

By: o__o | 26-10-2018 17:09

I recently joined the community and discovered that giffgaff had it's own emojis that you can use in your posts, the issue that I'm having is that I am finding some of them very boring and outdated.

So my idea is to add some more and make them a bit more exciting but maybe scrap the man, women and robot ones as nobody really uses those anyway.

Now I know that some people don't use emojis but there is also a lot of people that do and we have to cater for everybody.

plus if somebody uses the emojis from their keyboard it may not be supported on the other users phone and therefore just show up as a box with a question mark which could possibly cause communication errors or be frustrating to the recipient.


To make this more interesting and interactive for the community there should be a little competition that lets people help with the design of the emojis by submitting drawings or using a few templates on the giffgaff site and submitting them onto the contribute page, this is important as afterall this is the mobile network run by us.

I think this would be a great way of getting people being creative and involved with the community whilst at the same time improving members experience,

Thank you


by: grndkntrl
on: 03-03-2019 23:45


But if they just supported the Unicode standard codepoints for emojis then this wouldn't be an issue, as no matter what particular phone brand someone has, virtually all build their emoji fonts from the Unicode standards.

All giffgaff need to do do is make their code - for the community backend software - compliant with the unicode standard. Simples!

by: o__o
on: 04-03-2019 20:51

Yes I suppose but there's no fun in that :P

by: tracy71
on: 12-02-2019 23:36

this sounds good

by: roxy844
on: 01-06-2019 19:06

must be implement

by: peterg92
on: 22-05-2019 16:39


by: iqbal92307
on: 20-05-2019 12:57

Sounds good

by: nickyheywood
on: 14-05-2019 19:12


Very good idea

by: tabedin
on: 09-04-2019 22:07

must be implement

by: helen_starkey
on: 17-03-2019 19:59

like it

by: iamnew787
on: 02-02-2019 20:11


by: moder19
on: 21-01-2019 14:38

Yes, users could design their own ones! :)