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Stop the usage of our 'full names and mobile numbers' being used in e-mail correspondence?

By: patman2017 | 15-10-2018 07:45

Hi folks, I have noticed in my emails that I receive from Giffgaff every time I need to renew my 'goody bag top up' I get sent a reminder first, then I get an email to say that it's been renewed. But in my emails from Giffgaff they are not just! enclosing my 'user/log in name' they are also enclosing in the top right hand corner of my e-mails my 'full mobile number'?? Of which I really do not agree with this and I feel it is a serious breach of mines and possibly everyone's privacy!? And it also could leave us vulnerable to scammers and nuisance callers ect especially with all the latest cyber attacks in the news. As my full number definitely should not be shown on my Giffgaff e-mails?.

I have already complained to Giffgaff a few months ago and they haven't done anything about it?. And they just told me I should post it on here. So therefore I would really appreciate it if anyone! else agrees with me? Then could you please help and complain with me to customer services or higher management, as I feel this has been going on for too long and it really needs to be rectified as soon as possible so our personal information and privacy is better protected in future, Many thanks!.


by: mindyb60
on: 25-11-2018 14:27

I agree... You could just use something like 07******xx. The xx represents the last 2 digits of the phone number.

by: peterg92
on: 25-11-2018 13:19

Agree ????

by: muddycalhoun
on: 24-02-2020 14:18

Three times?

by: tinawilliams0410
on: 24-11-2018 21:11

maybe just include last 3 numbers of your entire number - this will proof it is genuine

by: bekigee123
on: 21-11-2018 18:08

I agree implicitly

by: successb
on: 21-11-2018 10:15

Thanks for bringing this serious issue here. I agree with you. I do not like the idea of someone using my personal details in this way, It needs to addressed asap.

by: ukainian
on: 21-11-2018 10:12


by: dwayn26
on: 20-11-2018 21:38

GDPR legislation should be in place that covers exactly this kind of personal information being shared so freely so definitely in agreement here!

by: f2015
on: 20-11-2018 20:11


by: s_ramadan
on: 20-11-2018 18:45

Agreed as we all know our number why include it.

by: joolzian
on: 22-11-2018 17:30

It may be to make sure you know which account you credited as some members control more than one.

by: rhyssheridan
on: 20-11-2018 14:57

Out of interest why do you think they add the contact number.

by: thama99
on: 20-11-2018 15:37

I think it is to confirm that it is you they are sending it to because you will know immediately if the phone number is not yours but I think your GiffGaff user name would do the same job as your phone number