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change giffgaff 'logo' on printed receipts

By: ajbcourt | 09-10-2018 13:32

the printed receipt has a large black rectangle to highlight : giffgaff | the mobile network run by you.

can we get rid of the large black rectangle ?
- it uses a lot of black ink = unnecessary waste !!

how about a simple re-design ?



by: various_mm
on: 05-11-2018 18:52

anything that costs costs, and makes impacts of things less on the environment is good

however, what will the redesign look like and where it will still take ink to print? would the design be guided by how much ink is to be used or by GG branding guidelines?

if people really want to save the planet and reduce the ink usage, how about topping up using electronic means so there is no paper or ink wasted. people can top up using paypal and debit/ credit card too.

by: justeena1
on: 27-06-2020 20:12

Good idea

by: mr09
on: 23-05-2020 20:52


by: snus1
on: 11-05-2020 18:58

I agree

by: bullphit
on: 13-04-2020 10:55

Smashing idea

by: rites61
on: 22-03-2020 12:10

I agree

by: barishna
on: 16-03-2020 07:43

I can’t understand.

by: bing5582
on: 17-02-2020 12:25


by: muddycalhoun
on: 08-01-2020 22:39

Well on vouchers there isn't much ink, but if this is a problem I can't disagree with reducing use of any resources.

by: peterg92
on: 27-12-2019 12:46


by: muddycalhoun
on: 08-01-2020 22:37

Supported or not? I don't think you have any clue what the suggestions are, just commenting for your own benefit. On the last few pages there is four comments on each idea, minimum, and often contradicting yourself