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When brexit happens keep European roaming for your customers

By: mij_sky | 15-09-2018 05:42

so the inevitable it's going to happen we are leaving Europe. When this happens we might not have roaming , we technically have had it at Giffgaff for a year and now it might go. Can Giffgaff keep this for its customers ??? This will also help generate loads of new customers



by: persco
on: 27-09-2018 06:50

it’s all still up in the air. We won’t know until we actually leave. Networks will negotiate their own deals if there there is a ‘nodeal’

Hope giffgaff keeps it as an incentive but proportionally, not many giffgaff members are regular travellers. Maybe they could do like one free roaming per year.

by: mcilwraith
on: 26-09-2018 17:48

this isn`t really an idea is it?.more something to be discussed in the forums

by: freedmaniac
on: 26-09-2018 16:26

Let's be clear - they will only keep it if they can afford to still do so and turn a profit.

They don't run a charity.

They will probably see what the big boys are doing and take a lead from there.

by: stuntdouble
on: 09-10-2018 09:40

by: dannypotts987
on: 06-11-2018 19:47

good luck

by: chinsndips
on: 10-11-2018 10:38

Yes! Great idea!