Leave a legacy.

When brexit happens keep European roaming for your customers

By: mij_sky | 15-09-2018 05:42

so the inevitable it's going to happen we are leaving Europe. When this happens we might not have roaming , we technically have had it at Giffgaff for a year and now it might go. Can Giffgaff keep this for its customers ??? This will also help generate loads of new customers



by: fairy282
on: 01-10-2018 10:12


by: koshka
on: 30-09-2018 15:31

This could be down to what O2 do but it's not really an idea.

by: shakira8
on: 30-09-2018 11:10

go for it giffgaff :D

by: jsmith2009
on: 29-09-2018 05:01

We will have to wait and see what if any deal is agreed with the EU.

In the event we loose EU roaming maybe they will look at improving the goodybags.

by: ijustcantdoit
on: 29-09-2018 00:23

I feel we will never end up leaving and so this will not be needed .

And as others have said even if we do leave ,then Giffgaff can't do any changes until then .

by: bluemoonbaz
on: 28-09-2018 15:19

Not something Giffgaff can change until we actually leave

by: tokyobuta
on: 28-09-2018 15:08

Seems good to me, and even better if GG could take the lead in extending roaming beyond the bounds of Europe.

by: various_mm
on: 28-09-2018 14:23

nope, i want GG to offer even better deals on roaming

GG are free now to offer rates that will be competettive

by: persco
on: 27-09-2018 06:50

it’s all still up in the air. We won’t know until we actually leave. Networks will negotiate their own deals if there there is a ‘nodeal’

Hope giffgaff keeps it as an incentive but proportionally, not many giffgaff members are regular travellers. Maybe they could do like one free roaming per year.

by: mcilwraith
on: 26-09-2018 17:48

this isn`t really an idea is it?.more something to be discussed in the forums