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Competition to win a trip to GiffGaff towers in Uxbridge

By: tinawilliams0410 | 25-08-2018 08:10

Having been on a virtual tour of GiffGaff's new offices, I think it would be good if all members were given the opportunity to enter into a monthly or quarterly competition to visit GiffGaff HQ and the team. Maybe get some nice goodybags of GiffGaff goodies too.

The winner would be able to go along with up to 3 more guests. GiffGaff would not pay for travel or accommodation, it would be up to the member to consider this before entering.  For those who would not be able to visit, but won and enter - maybe these could get a bigger giiffgaff goodie bag - appreciate London is not an easy option for all.

This competition could be a good PR activity for GiffGaff.

Thank you


by: sibtahmed
on: 24-09-2018 20:51

A good idea

by: june149
on: 24-09-2018 15:18

it’s a great idea for Londoners. What about the rest of the country? I have friends in Scottie land who are on Giffgaff which they love & they would be in deep despair if they won as the cost of travelling would be too much. But if there was an alternative prize such as free minutes or a goody bag, well that would compensate.

by: suzisuz
on: 24-09-2018 06:48

You have my vote, but easy for me to vote yes as i live in Uxbridge

by: ellieclarke1989
on: 23-09-2018 11:26

sounds like a good idea ???? but I know a lot of people won’t be able to go because they will be working, looking after children or they won't be able to afford it. I would love to visit the Giffgaff HQ if there are allowing people in March of next year that would be great as I am in London around that time

by: kirst72043
on: 23-09-2018 07:37

great idea

by: tids44
on: 22-09-2018 11:55

Supported its a great idea

by: alex920
on: 21-09-2018 20:59


by: tids
on: 21-09-2018 14:32

This would be a popular competition

by: blue1212
on: 21-09-2018 13:39


by: ijustcantdoit
on: 20-09-2018 19:36

Yeah why

not support addded