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Require 2 factor authentication to sign up for payforit texts

By: andy69 | 12-08-2018 18:00

A lot of people are asking about being charged for payforit texts when they didn't subscribe to them in the first place. And how to stop further charges and get your money back. One way would be to require that the initial text is not charged for but is replaced with a text asking you to authorise the subscription. If you want to receive them, then you just follow the instructions in the text to authorise it. It could be follow a link or reply by text. After authorisation, you receive the original text and are charged. If you don't authorise it, you just ignore and no charges are applied.



by: muggles708
on: 30-08-2018 10:49

An excellent idea, but not sure how easy to implement. EE already do something akin to this. When a consumer clicks the 'subscribe' button, a PIN number is displayed. This PIN then need to be entered correctly in order to complete the subscription process. Because the consumer has to take positive action in order to subscribe, and the chances of entering a correct PIN 'accidentally' are very small, it is a much more effective way of confirming consent to charge.

This system is already in place for all networks, where the charge exceeds £4.50/week. All that is actually needed is to extend this to ALL subscriptions.

The incidence of 'Payforit' issues on the EE network has dropped dramatically since February, when these measures were introduced.

by: chookiecaz
on: 07-05-2019 00:47

I received a text that was sent at about 14.55 on Sunday for something I haven’t subscribed to so I don’t know who the company is, what I am allegedly subscribed for or when it was supposed to have happened. I have copied and pasted the text message below:

FreeMsg: Thank you Your free trial of MyLifestyle from Nexgen Ltd will end on 06/05/19. Then £4.50 per week until you text STOP to 64055. HELP? 02037403517

by: claire_windle
on: 08-05-2019 15:11

Exactly the same thing has just happened to me. Have voted. Will Contact bank to block money leaving my account based on what I've read here...I have to admit I'm not very tech savvy. The giffgaff ethos is great, however if customers remain unprotected then they'll vote with their feet and chose another provider.

Bank advised don't respond to text. Payforit website advises respond to text with stop message.....not sure which I should do!

by: marinauk
on: 01-01-2019 19:48

i did not subscribe for any premium text messages, but was changered a few times.

not sure what do you mean to ignore? I do ignore but still charge

how can i get my money back

i did check numbers have no idea what is it and I also check messages time in my account. I did not send or received any messaged at that time

it isi so annoying as i lost nearly £10