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Require 2 factor authentication to sign up for payforit texts

By: andy69 | 12-08-2018 18:00

A lot of people are asking about being charged for payforit texts when they didn't subscribe to them in the first place. And how to stop further charges and get your money back. One way would be to require that the initial text is not charged for but is replaced with a text asking you to authorise the subscription. If you want to receive them, then you just follow the instructions in the text to authorise it. It could be follow a link or reply by text. After authorisation, you receive the original text and are charged. If you don't authorise it, you just ignore and no charges are applied.



by: shazzyq1
on: 01-05-2019 20:21

I received a text today from Nexgen saying I had subscribed and they were going to take £4.50 a week from me. ????

I have never heard of this company nor subscribed for anything. I have sent the stop text and did get a reply stating I had unsubscribed from it so now hoping this will be the end of it.

I think giffgaff should have some sort of protection against this, where do they get our phone numbers from? I don’t give mine out. If we have done everything we can from our end to stop these scammers withdrawing our money then at least giffgaff should refund it.

by: johnrmason
on: 01-05-2019 20:08

After seeing Watchdog tonight I'm worried that there is no verification to protect Giffgaff users against fradulent app subscription. Is there anything that can be done - eg 2 factor auth of some sort?

by: andy69
on: 01-05-2019 19:49

Good to see BBC watchdog highlight this issue tonight.

by: johnrmason
on: 01-05-2019 20:06

Can I add my voice to this - something like 2 factor auth needed for this

by: niccijv
on: 30-04-2019 18:24

Please implement this! Just had to complain about being subscribed for a premium service that I definitely did not subscribe to! SCAM!!

by: yummywerewolfhunter
on: 29-04-2019 16:31

I feel this should be implemented as soon as possible.

by: eugeneboiko
on: 28-04-2019 22:33

It is evident from the commentary here and elsewhere that the payforit scam is very widespread. "We're looking into it" doesn't seem to be an appropriate response from GG. "We're doing it" would be, preferably very soon!

by: beenbop
on: 26-04-2019 15:16

Reading many of the linked comments I can see that giffgaff are ignoring this problem or at best struggling to impliment a solution. If I get hit again I will have to move back to O2 were I can get the barring facility. What a shame.

by: ebonym28
on: 24-04-2019 10:54

Games4Mobile by Nexgen contacted me yesterday saying I have subscribed (when I haven't, never even heard of the company) and saying they will take £4.50 out of my account.

Look at how many people have backed this because I know for a fact I am not the only one that isn't impressed by this!!

by: lindsaydone
on: 26-04-2019 12:30

I too had one of these texts yesterday and today they have taken £4.50 out of my account. I sent a STOP message (separate from their link) and have recieved a confirmation text saying that I have been successfully unsubscribed from Games4Mobile...we shall see!

by: niccijv
on: 30-04-2019 18:28

I received one of these this evening telling me the money would be taken from my account tomorrow! I also sent the STOP message, separately from their link, and received a confirmation text to say I have been unsubscribed... Where are this company getting our numbers from? Come on, Giffgaff, help your faithful customers to stop this happening. PS I've lodged a complaint with the PSA as suggested in one of the community comments about this issue

by: flatovercrest
on: 13-04-2019 13:07

Games4mobile took me for £4.50 yesterday, unfortunately I'd seen some bad advice saying to ignore the initial text, 24hrs later £4.50 is taken from my account. I've made contact with the offending company, requesting a refund. I've got my fingers crossed. I can't remember signing up for anything, I don't play games or use anything with "in App" purchases, so all I can think is I made a typo, or clicked a bad link & visited a page by mistake.

It's imperative that there should be another stage to authorisation, say for instance you didn't pick up the first text within the "24 hr cool off period", then first thing you know is after you've already lost the money.

Update (25 April 2019). Games4mobile have given me a date & time that i am supposed to of "subscribed" I've checked all the history on my phone, there is nothing at all to link me with them. In fact on the day in question all I accessed was a free app (which is a genuine free app), over 2 hours before the time they say. I've requested some proof of my subscription, I'm awaiting their reply.

Update (1 May 2019) 1 week on and I've received no proof of "subscription" or refund from Games4Mobile. I have sent them a reminder. If I get nothing by the end of this week I will be taking some legal advice & maybe getting an independent forensic check to prove 100% that it was not me or my device. As far as I'm concerned, unless it can be proved otherwise I've had £4.50 stolen from my giffgaff account.

Update (7 May 2019) I was finally sent "proof" of the device & IP address used to subscribe to the service - The information I've been sent does NOT relate to my phone in the slightest. So again I've requested a refund and am awaiting a reply.

But that's now got me wondering, as it was definitely a device other than mine, then how can it be MY account that's been debited, is this due to some sort of fraud or hacking?

by: lindsaydone
on: 26-04-2019 12:35

Will follow this thread closely as I've just been 'successfully unsubscribed from Games4mobile' after £4.50 was taken. Cheers.

by: erisds
on: 10-04-2019 13:21

I keep being told by Giffgaff support that I have to comment here if I want to be heard, so here I am.

It is absolutely imperative that Giffgaff adds second or multi-factor authentication on their online accounts immediately. There are now at least 7 ideas that cover this:







Many of these are over 4 years old. It's very clear that no one reads or moderates this board.

That's fine - it's up to you to choose whether to moderate the board, but if you're not going then your agents need to stop telling people to raise ideas for things that have been open for 4 years already and be honest about the fact that no one cares what's written here.