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Require 2 factor authentication to sign up for payforit texts

By: andy69 | 12-08-2018 18:00

A lot of people are asking about being charged for payforit texts when they didn't subscribe to them in the first place. And how to stop further charges and get your money back. One way would be to require that the initial text is not charged for but is replaced with a text asking you to authorise the subscription. If you want to receive them, then you just follow the instructions in the text to authorise it. It could be follow a link or reply by text. After authorisation, you receive the original text and are charged. If you don't authorise it, you just ignore and no charges are applied.



by: ulyssesthirteen
on: 14-02-2019 01:02

I've been woken up at 11.50pm by a text from hdwallpapers.shop labelled 'receipt' stating that I'd signed up for a £4.50 a week service that I've not actually signed up for (hdwallpaper.shop) Who actually buys phone wallpapers?

I find the fact that this kind of scam exists very worrying. A cursory glance at the internet shows that it's been around for years and next to nothing has been done to prevent it. I find this very suspicious.

by: yhogg77
on: 13-02-2019 13:08

Hi, was scammed last week by Games4Mobile. Unauthorised £4.50 taken from my credit and cannot get a credit from Nexenmobi after making 2 requests. Get this sorted GiffGaff or my husband and I will be looking for another mobile service provider.


Support all efforts to eliminate scammers.

by: tokyobuta
on: 11-02-2019 12:46

An excellent idea!

by: thunderdragon
on: 09-02-2019 22:18

Supported. Not only has this whole Pay4Brexit thing put me completely off the idea of using mobile internet connectivity, but I'd also hold that - In providing my mobile number/account details to website operators without my explicit and informed consent (Whether this number is "encrypted" or not) - GiffGaff might be in breach of the GDPR on this one, as they are sharing users personal details with third-parties Without the Data Subjects' permission. :o

Sadly though, I get the impression we'll only get the desired ability to block "Charges to Bill" once one of GGs board members finds themselves falling victim to one of these scams... :(

by: plasticmac
on: 09-02-2019 14:16

This idea would require PayForIt (not Giffgaff) to change the way there "Service" works. It is not something Giffgaff, or any of the networks (who own, and profit from PayForIt) can do. The only way individuals (ie giffgaffers) can prevent these scams happening is to opt out of Charge to Bill. This is something a network can do, as 02 already does. Giffgaff are dodging the issue by letting us vote for an idea they know they can't implement.

by: plasticmac
on: 09-02-2019 13:53

I think we should be able to opt out of Charge to Bill" if we wish to. The scams, such as fitguru etc, all use a service company called PayForIt, which is owned by Vodafone, O2, EE and Three. Other networks, including O2, offer such an opt out, so why not Giffgaff?

Two step authentication is good, if you use the "Charge to Bill" service, but if you don't use it, and never will, you must be able to opt out.

by: techiebloke
on: 06-02-2019 10:40

How about a complete opt out

by: plasticmac
on: 09-02-2019 13:54

Yes, this is the best way to **** off these scammers.

by: moder19
on: 06-02-2019 10:38

Increasing security is always a good idea.

by: sgucukoglu
on: 04-02-2019 13:20

This is an outrage. I just set up my dad's new number, and "FitGuru" took £3 of the £5 balance on it. I texted the STOP message and it seems to have worked, but I'm still mightily annoyed about it, since the initial texts looked like scams that could easily have been ignored if I had turned on ignoring of unknown senders (the phone is just so he can FaceTime mum, he's deaf and old and techno-illiterate, so I want him free of as many distractions as possible).

Giffgaff: you're normally pretty dependable and, although I've had my disagreements in the past with some of your policy, still reputable as a great value service for those who need you. Please do what you must to stop this. Your good karma is on the line here.

To everyone else: I suggest that you turn off auto-top-up, and manually or automatically add goodybags from your credit card or PayPal. I think this is only possible if you have credit--it can't work if you've paid for bundles.

by: wreaksrevenge67
on: 01-02-2019 12:43

I have just been scammed two payments of £4.50 by Just4Life/SB7 whoever these people are, and GiffGaff don't care. Change your system GiffGaff ASAP so that your customers aren't ripped off. I'm waiting until my credit is scammed down to zero then I'll be off too find another provider, shame, as I had always got on ok with GiffGaff until now but I'm not happy with your response, so another customer lost..