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Require 2 factor authentication to sign up for payforit texts

By: andy69 | 12-08-2018 18:00

A lot of people are asking about being charged for payforit texts when they didn't subscribe to them in the first place. And how to stop further charges and get your money back. One way would be to require that the initial text is not charged for but is replaced with a text asking you to authorise the subscription. If you want to receive them, then you just follow the instructions in the text to authorise it. It could be follow a link or reply by text. After authorisation, you receive the original text and are charged. If you don't authorise it, you just ignore and no charges are applied.



by: howling_wolf
on: 12-01-2019 13:51

This needs doing! Just been hit with 2 charges when I wasnt even using the mobile or online so it was not caused by me clicking any links & OFCOM needs to get their act together & make it safe from this scam!

by: andy69
on: 12-01-2019 07:29

Giffgaff have said they are looking into it so hopefully they'll implement something to protect their customers from this blight. Thanks to everyone who has backed this idea.

by: holeymoley5
on: 11-01-2019 09:38

I lost £22.50 of my credit to tap4it/Stripey. No-one is going to give me my money back. I was scammed, didn’t get any help from GiffGaff, so have voted with my feet and am off to another provider and taking my husband with me.

by: muggles708
on: 31-01-2019 12:19

You should always TRY to get your money back. Start by insisting on it. Then pursue matter through the Small Claims procedure. I'm not aware of anyone who has followed this procedure and failed to get a FULL refund (plus court fees where it has gone that far).

by: pnewell
on: 10-01-2019 14:38

needs sorting I'm fed up of been ripped off twice at £3 a text , something I've not agreed to, if its not sorted I'm going to leave giffgaff and find another phone povider

by: jonschneider
on: 10-01-2019 12:48

I like this idea but extend it to anything premium.

A few weeks ago I ran down my credit on a manufacturer's help line. Had I known it was a premium rate number, which I should have realised but didn't pay attention, I would not have called them.

I got the inkjet playing again. User error. Not one of my better days.

by: fadlur_f
on: 10-01-2019 11:33

Hey there andy69,

Thanks for submitting this idea to us.

We're going to take a look into this idea and will come back with an update.

Nice one.


by: avisbyrne
on: 08-01-2019 22:50

Time this was sorted. There are ways to block this under your control. Two factor would let you off the hook and provide a get out for innocent users that are being taken for granted.

I can't see how you comply with data use legislation if you are sharing my details with a third party that I haven't selected of my own volition. I didn't receive any notification text beforehand which leads me to believe that they have been given illegal access to sensitive data.

by: wordsmith1327
on: 08-01-2019 22:40

This is a must have to preclude inadvertent sign up to these dodgy schemes. More so because they can scam you without notice. We got caught and there were no messages advising we had subscribed to anything. This was clearly a misuse of my data.

by: dazmcgee1982
on: 08-01-2019 07:21

yes please

by: paoconnor
on: 07-01-2019 18:11

This sounds like a great idea.