Leave a legacy.

Allow users to secure their accounts with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

By: minimike86 | 31-07-2018 01:33

Problem Statement

Currently you log into giffgaff via your username (member name or mobile number) and your password.

Attackers can very easily enumerate member names using giffgaff's own affiliate links. For example: When you browse to https://www.giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/minimike86 you will see that I am offering a joining bonus. However when you browse to https://www.giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/ijustmadethismembernameup which is an invalid member name you are redirected to https://www.giffgaff.com/orders/mgm and with a few lines of code you can find all of the possible member names on the site.

What is your idea?

"2-Factor Authentication (2FA)" is a security control whereby a physical device (something you have) in the possession of the user produces random one-time use codes that are supplied with or after the username/password (something you know) combination. Example: a mobile phone running the google authenticator application <- Most Secure

"two-step verification" is a security control whereby you would receive a text message or email with a code that you would then enter after a successful login using a username/password combination, which would then authenticate you. This security control is not currently activated. <- Somewhat Secure

How will this benefit giffgaff and it’s members? Why should giffgaff implement your idea?

Currently the ONLY thing protecting any giffgaff customer from account compromise is their password.
It should therefore be fairly obvious what the benefits of adding one or both of the above ideas are...

  • Customer data will be more secure from account compromise (guessing username/password)!
  • GiffGaff will boost its customer reputation!
  • GiffGaff will reduce its operating costs - when informing customers about suspicious activity on their user accounts!



by: zainabi
on: 17-08-2018 14:37

good idea

by: beautifulflowers
on: 16-08-2018 22:49


by: nikmobile
on: 16-08-2018 19:52

agree with better security always a good thing

by: jammo740
on: 15-08-2018 13:38

I don't agree that you'd be able to determine the usernames of the site's users by writing a script to poll that URL. It would need to test every alphabetical and numerical combination. It'd be much easier to scrape usernames off the forum.

However, the idea still stands and 2FA is the future.

by: sharp68144
on: 22-01-2020 16:45

That, and if GG/O2 don't simply ban IPs doing that then something is very wrong. I'm pretty sure the organisation has network security.

by: keirups
on: 15-08-2018 13:18

I completely agree. I feel like it should be optional, though.

by: fairy282
on: 15-08-2018 12:56


by: fabiyes
on: 15-08-2018 12:04

Good idea

by: ungourin
on: 15-08-2018 10:56

any security is brilliant so happy to back any of these ideas

by: grumpy_grandad
on: 15-08-2018 09:47

Well thourght of gets my vote.

by: fabiyes
on: 14-08-2018 20:47

Good idea