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Support older users: consolidate short dial codes

By: checkincherry | 07-06-2018 16:24

Much is written on the forums about the target gg user being young and tech savvy. I've just read/replied to a query in community about helping older parents enjoy the benefits of gg. As I was writing had a thought that would make life easier for older users who want things as simple as possible.

Having just moved my parent to gg, I have helped them by entering all the different gg short dial codes into their contacts. They use these numbers as they don't check their account online without me sitting next to them and showing them how to do that. Why does there have to be a different code to find out outstanding balance, outstanding goodybag minutes, outstanding goodybag texts, time left for free gg to gg calls?

If there could be one call number and one standard reply SMS setting out all these things on one screen , it would make my parent's life a whole lot easier (and mine 'cause they wouldn't call me to check something they can easily check themselves.!)

I think it would help make gg more accessible to older users which can then be used to help market gg as a "friendly to technophobes" network not to mention simplifying the gg experience of those users who rely on NOT using the internet to manage their gg account.


by: peterg92
on: 19-11-2018 19:56

Agree ????

by: jespc
on: 14-11-2018 20:10

Good idea ?

by: smill29
on: 13-11-2018 16:33

yes I’m in

by: gama1234
on: 07-11-2018 00:58

i ag

by: gama1234
on: 07-11-2018 00:59

i agree

by: frank89090
on: 03-11-2018 03:04

woop woop iv regesterd thank yo finally

by: elton48
on: 27-10-2018 19:13

Please make the 1GB for the £5 Goody Bag 500 MB is good but 1GB would be descent enough.

by: jespc
on: 14-11-2018 20:12

1GB would be great. More than 150 minutes on the £5 goody bag would be very useful as well.

by: elton48
on: 27-10-2018 19:11

Please make it 1GB for the £5 Goody Bag

by: mitky90
on: 24-10-2018 23:57


by: mitky90
on: 24-10-2018 23:56


by: peter7230
on: 15-10-2018 12:30

good idea