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By: dawns74 | 30-03-2018 19:00

My Idea is to change the message that you hear when your credit/goody bag has has run out.

The current message that starts, 'Oh no!..youve not got enough credit to make that call' is so frustrating! Mainly because it sounds sarcastic!

It might be nicer if the voice actually sounded like they are sorry! A little bit of empathy might make all the difference to my decision to top up!


by: zkc100
on: 15-04-2018 20:42

Haha, I never took it as sarcastic before but probably will from now on haha

by: chinsndips
on: 18-04-2018 09:25

Auto suggestion will work haha.

by: adamtheant
on: 22-07-2018 11:42

don't no about this one

by: nickyheywood
on: 06-07-2018 22:10

no from me

by: peterg92
on: 08-06-2018 10:39

Not sure this for me sorry

by: jrafi27
on: 26-05-2018 14:55


by: persco
on: 30-04-2018 07:57

never heard this but if it’s true and sounds sarcastic then it should be looked into. Remember though giffgaff is the sort with weird and strange ways of addressing issues but sarcasm shouldn’t be part of it

by: _tisnotrocketscience
on: 26-04-2018 16:52

As it was censored:

Is it really 'sarcastic' or is that just your personal interpretation/perception of the message?

This should be posted in Contribute not Labs.

by: ungourin
on: 24-04-2018 11:13

not sure it's for me , sorry

by: blue1212
on: 23-04-2018 22:43

Sounds a reasonable request I'm in

by: extreme_one
on: 22-04-2018 22:14

Not heard it, but if it does come across as sarcastic then it's not really on-message.

I expect giffgaff should so some testing to see how many people really feel it's sarcastic.