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Do PAYBACK dates need updating?

By: smartypops | 12-03-2018 22:01

In the Payback area e.g. https://www.giffgaff.com/profile/choose-payback-method the dates all refer to DECEMBER 2017 as a deadline. Please could that be updated, it should be automatic calendar based. It is very confusing as it stands.



by: adamtheant
on: 15-10-2018 10:27


by: emmalouisep93
on: 14-10-2018 07:53

good idea, good luck

by: nafis40
on: 10-10-2018 21:38

goood idea

by: suem15
on: 27-09-2018 12:44

Yes, agree with the idea. The date should be set to change automatically.

by: nickyheywood
on: 19-09-2018 19:37


by: nickyheywood
on: 19-09-2018 19:37


by: fairy282
on: 19-09-2018 12:42


by: zainabi
on: 08-09-2018 15:52


by: moham38823
on: 26-08-2018 22:31


by: adventure17
on: 25-08-2018 15:40

If it really says that then yes, it definitely needs updating.