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Giffgaff on twitter to help people

By: various_mm | 24-02-2018 13:13

Social media (twitter) is used by lots of companies to help customers. I think Giffgaff should do the same by creating a twitter account/ page and then giffgaff can then help people with issues.


-Customers and potential customers can get help at another platform, Without coming back to Gifgaff website

-Giffgaff remains visible on social media

What are your thoughts?



by: mijthebarber
on: 08-03-2018 07:37

this would be amazing

by: various_mm
on: 05-03-2018 20:10

thank you to all those who have taken time to comment, and especially those who have been constructive, considerate and helpful in sharing their ideas.

by: eluminea
on: 05-03-2018 12:15

i think there is a purpose why it does not make use of it.

by: weelesleymc
on: 01-03-2018 09:53

sorry but poetical customers made me laugh.

Do they have to speak in rhyme

Predictable text can be embarrassing sometimes

by: various_mm
on: 02-03-2018 14:25

haha glad to know it cheered you up

by: chinsndips
on: 01-03-2018 08:57

That would be a new communication channel.

by: as7861
on: 28-02-2018 20:41

Hi, @various_mm

As stated before their is channels but you specifically mentioned about different channel for help.

I do think the idea is viable but I just want wanted to dig deeper, does giffgaff need a separate help twitter channel for people get help with ?

by: various_mm
on: 02-03-2018 14:26

@as7861 defo a dedicated channel on the twitter platform would be very useful.

by: mcilwraith
on: 28-02-2018 19:12

there is already help on twitter and it is linked to members payback

by: various_mm
on: 03-03-2018 20:26

yes, this idea prospering for people to direct their queries to @giffgaffhelp instead of @giffgaff