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Better, faster, SIM activation.

By: smartypops | 11-02-2018 23:31

I have now activated three giffgaff Sims and each time, due to my dementia, i forgot at first to enable JavaScript. Guess what... It does not work. How about a printed reminder with the Sims, or even on the website, to check js is on? Or better yet an error message, " ya forgot to enable JavaScript script ya dafty... ".


by: jbab135
on: 09-09-2018 23:05

Good idea for all including those with problems, we have to remember not everyone is perfect, those who need a little help we should help if it is possible.

by: nattydread1420
on: 19-10-2018 02:30

It should be our moral duty to help but there are very few people that care unless there there making on it The Old ways were the Best ways When people had morales and cared about each other Oh how I miss those days innit

by: greer_scott
on: 08-11-2018 22:08

Natty in order to go back to that place you mention, you would have to unwind time or wait for the full circle of the 1.000.00 year moon and just hope people reinstate the same morals as of the past, if morals is in their new dictionary!

by: aydagutierrez57
on: 08-01-2019 10:01

Amarás a Dios como a ti mismo y como a tu prójimo. El amor a Dios es el amor al prójimo... Lo hacemos ???

by: firefoxjames1
on: 02-11-2018 04:18

II'd like to discover someone new and build up a relationship and go on an adventure with you who ever you are.

by: sanjay_ahl
on: 02-11-2018 19:58

I am concerned about your need for unsolicited contact with others. Might a vulnerable person come to harm? just a thought!

by: greer_scott
on: 08-11-2018 22:18

Well providing they do not, give out their full credentials then I shouldn't think an on-line friend would cause any harm, however if you seeking something more than sharing friendship then I would suggest you use one of the many dating line or social media programs, in all fairness and if you ask I'm sure I could name many if it didn't break the rules of GiffGaff, as I am a newbie oldie on my third round ;-)

by: xxxdiabel7898
on: 29-10-2018 12:47

very good idea

by: shaz265
on: 24-09-2018 13:56

It would be a good idea to send information along with the sim as it can be a little difficult when people are use to talking to someone. In this case there is no voice conversation instead everything is done on the net.

by: greer_scott
on: 08-11-2018 22:47

On net in text?

by: heard1982
on: 21-09-2018 17:53

sounds good

by: ahreh20
on: 27-02-2021 09:51


by: chaaaan
on: 11-02-2021 09:13

Fabulous idea

by: saaliha92
on: 23-10-2020 17:10

Sounds awesome!!

by: farie66
on: 21-10-2020 19:57


by: rabz24
on: 15-10-2020 15:23